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Pisces is the 12th and the last sign of the zodiac cycle and rules the period between February 19th and March 20. Piscean folks are introverts, yet are very reticent and confident with themselves. Pisceans make great Artists and philosophers.

The zodiac sign of Pisces is represented by a pair of fishes that seem to swim in opposite directions despite being connected by a common chord. This refers to the dual emotional nature of Pisces folks. They are one of the most emotional and empathetic among the zodiacs. Pisceans have a love and liking for anything that is connected with beauty and peace. Being the last sign of the zodiac , The zodiac embodies the essence of the previous 11 zodiac signs.

Ruling Planet: Neptune

The zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. Neptune is connected with our inner dreams and imagination and also rules over the spiritual realm. Neptune makes its natives very creative when compared to the other zodiac people. Pisces folks always seem to have settled midway between reality and fantasy thanks to the influence of their ruler, Neptune. This planet also makes them to empathize with others and feel others' needs, desires and emotions in a very special way.

It was earlier ruled over by Jupiter which also holds the reigns of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is a planet of expansion and is associated with luck, and growth.

Ruling Planet       :Neptune Neptune
Ruling House       :12'th House
Element       : Water Water

Birth Stone   : Aquamarine
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The Season (February 19 – March 20)

The season of Pisces makes all the zodiacs very spiritual. Even if you are not spiritually bent, you would be very sensitive to the emotions around. You would become more aware of other's needs. It is the last of the three winter signs of the zodiac. It marks the end of an astrological cycle and hence holds great importance. With the advent of the Pisces season, the days become longer and more hotter and hence the hopes of people seem to rise, now that the dark dull winter days are gone.

This is a season to thank the Gods for protecting us through the tough winter months. New plant life start to sprout this season. Hence it is denoted as a time for change.


Who prays and serves, and prays some more?

And feeds the beggar at the door ,

And weeps over the love lost long before?      It is the Pisces!!!

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Pisces constellation is one of the 88 modern constellations hitherto known to mankind. It was first described by the astronomer Ptolemy. This constellation lies in the northern sky between Aries and Aquarius and is at 1 hour right ascension and 15 degrees north declination.

The brightest star in the Pisces constellation is the Eta Piscium The other stars of Pisces constellation areVan Maanen’s Star, Al Rischa, Fum al Samakah and Linteum.

The name of this constellation comes from the Latin word for “fish”.

Meteor showers

The Piscis Austrinids meteor shower takes place in the constellation of Pisces and is very faint. The meteor shower occurs between 15 July and 10 August every year with the peak occurring on the 28th of July.

The speed/velocity of the Meteor Shower particles is 44 km/s. The population index of the meteor shower is 3. For this particular meteor shower, bright meteors are more frequent.

The Fishes

The symbol of the zodiac sign of Pisces is the fishes. It consists of two fishes that are represented to swim in the opposite direction. This suggest the dual emotional nature of Pisces natives.

In religious terms, the fish represents the cycle of life and is at the bottom of the evolution process. With eyes on either side, the Pisces folk are said to view everything from two opposing angles. Much like the fishes, Pisces natives are very empathetic and their moods vary with the tides. They have a great sense of intuition as well. They are very compassionate and go with the flow around, do not complicate things.

The two fish swimming in opposite directions refer to their complex process of thought and to how Pisces people are often conflicted between their beliefs and their feelings.

Pisceans are versatile and quick to adapt to change. They are friendly and affectionate on the surface, but complex dreamers and sensible thinkers on the inside.

The Glyph

The glyph consists of two vertically oriented crescents, back to back and united via a horizontal line which unites the opposing natures and symbolizes re-conciliation of opposing factors.

The Age

(360 A.D. – 2400 A.D.)

As the Age of Pisces started, Buddha come to the world and made a change in the East. Then came Jesus Christ in the West. All they taught was to keep away from ego and live a life of sacrifice and detachment from worldly pleasures. Pisces represents the meeting of the West and the East, two different polarities, yet bound by a common bond, much like the bonding of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions being tied by a common chord.

This age of Pisces saw Jesus Christ teaching us to love others around as if they were us and this happens to be the Piscean trait. Love as asked to be experienced trans-personally. If the world lives to the theme of this Piscean character, then it would become heaven.

Pisces rules over religion, spirituality, prophecies , prophets, drugs, illusion, imprisonment, and fear. The Age of Pisces emphasizes the crucifixion of the self as taught by Jesus Christ and non-attachment to worldly pleasures being reinforced by the Buddha of the East. The Age of Pisces saw some of the major evolutionary transformations on the Earth.

This has been the age of great world religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, among others. All religions teach us the Pisces illusion of worldly pleasures and how to detach ourselves from this.

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In various civilisations

The Babylonians called the Pisces constellation as "The Sinunutu4". They believed that Aphrodite and Eros tied themselves together so that they do not lose each other and jumped into the seas to protect themselves from the great monster by name Typhon. In Babylon Pisces was considered as the symbol for Atargatis, the Fish Goddess who is the provider of fertility.

The Romans considered the two fishes of Pisces as being Venus and Cupid.

The ancient Egyptians recognized Pisces as a symbol of the Fish Goddess Hatmehit, which was the consort of the Ram God Banedjetjet which represented the adjacent constellation of Aries.

In Hindu mythology, Pisces is associated with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is a symbol of fecundity in Indian context.

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Pisces Manpisces Woman

The water flowing stream, shallow and fast which represents Pisces signifies that Pisceans tend to fall in and out of love quickly. Their need to give and receive love is strong and despite their inner desire to remain unencumbered by relationships many Pisceans become dependent on their partners. Pisceans are adept at carrying on more than one relationship; those who fall in love with them are usually entangled forever.

The complexity of Pisces is never ending. Pisceans most of the times in order for looking for perfection keep switching from partner to partner and are also obsessed by emotions and sex form a young age. Visually Piscean woman are supposed to be sweet, innocent and dependents, but however when man fall in love with these woman they get astonished by their strength and determination which leaves him in the shade.



(February 19 - March 20)
  Symbol : Two Fishe
  Ruling planet : Neptune
  Element : Water
  Ruling House : 12th House
  Body parts : Feet
  Ideal Jobs : Teacher, Doctors, Lawyers
  Gem Stones : Aquamarine  
  Trees : Willow
  Herbs : Chicory, Lime
  Flower : Water lily
  Lucky day : Friday
  Colour : Sea Green
  Number : 6 and 2
  Nature : Negative
  Quality : Mutable
  Trait : Compassion
  Keywords : Nebulous, Impressionable
  Keyphrase : I Believe!!
  Metal : Platinum
  Countries : portugal, Scandinavia
  Energy : Yin
  Principle : Redemption
  Cities : Seville, Jerusalem, Warsaw